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Administration of Medication Policy

Anaphylaxis Policy

Asthma Policy

Bullying Prevention Policy 2022-2024

BYOD Program Information

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Policy

Camps and Excursions Policy

Child Safety Code of Conduct

Child Safety Policy 2022-2024

Child Safety Responding, Reporting Obligations, Policy & Procedures

Complaints Policy 2023 – 2025

Digital Learning Policy 2022-2024

Dogs at School Policy

Dress Code Policy 2023-2025

Duty of Care Policy 2020-2024

Enrolment Management Plan

Homework Policy 2024

Inclusion and Diversity Policy

Mandatory Reporting Flow Chart

Medication Policy

Mobile Phones and Other Person Mobile Devices Policy

Parent Payment Arrangements – P-2 2024

Parent Payment Arrangements – Yr 3-6 2024

DET Schools’ Privacy Policy

Statement of Values & School Philosophy

Student Wellbeing and Engagement Policy 2022-2024

Uniform Items Checklist

Yard Duty & Supervision Policy 2022-2024

Volunteer Policy

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