Fyans Park PS

My Best each Day




Curriculum delivery prioritises both literacy and numeracy and incorporates the use of learning technologies and the development of the following skills:   communicating ideas & information, researching, working together with others in a team, independent decision-making and problem solving. 


Curriculum quality and content is reviewed and modified by Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) guidelines, achievement measures, survey results and by reference to the school community.


The VeLS (Victorian Essential Learning Standards) provides a whole school curriculum planning framework:


To equip students with capacities to:



This is achieved through the three cores, interrelated strands of



Knowledge, skills and behaviours in:-

Health and Physical Education; Personal Learning; Interpersonal

Development; Civics and Citizenship



Knowledge, skills and behaviours in:-

The Arts; English and additional Languages; The

Humanities; Mathematics; Science



Knowledge, skills and behaviours in:-

Communication; Design, Creativity and Technology; Information

and Communications Technology; Thinking