Fyans Park PS

My Best each Day

School Routine – hours of operation


8.45 am                           Playground supervision commences.

8:55am                            Music – Children may enter school building hang up bags,

hand in notes or money and prepare for the first session.


9.00 -10.40am             Session 1

10.40 – 11.10am          Recess


11.10-12.50 pm           Session 2

12.50 – 1:05 pm          Lunch eaten in class or supervised outside

1:05 – 1:50 pm             Lunch


1.50-3.30pm                Session 3


3.30 pm                          Dismissal

3.45 pm                          Playground supervision ceases.


Lunches are eaten in the classroom or outside as a group under the supervision of teachers. Children like to have a morning play lunch as well as a lunch.  Bottled and canned drinks are not allowed for safety reasons.