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3PM Project

The 3PM Project is an innovative program run by Year 3/4 students and teachers with a focus on speaking and listening and communicating the news and events of the school through a television show.

The 3PM Project has been running for many years at Fyans Park and in 2016 we celebrated our 100th episode. Each episode is a collaborative process to plan, write and produce the show with students interviewing guests including students, teachers, parents and visitors to the school. Past guests on the 3PM Project include Rebecca Madden, Geelong football players, Harold the Giraffe from the Life Education Van and former Geelong Mayor Darryn Lyons. The 3PM Project is produced in our purpose built studio in the Year 3/4 Building, complete with blue walls, lighting, sound and camera equipment. Year 4 students are trained as Directors and they are responsible for coordinating the filming and editing of each episode.

Throughout the year, the Year 4 students teach a group of Year 3 students as Directors in Training who eventually take over the role of Directors when they transition to Year 4. To keep updated with all that is happening at Fyans Park, visit the 3PM Project website:

Fyans Park Primary Students.
Fyans park students at 3pm project.
Fyans park students at 3pm project.

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