STEAM & Digital Learning


The development of our STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) program has been growing since 2017. After the completion of our new building in 2018, STEAM lessons are focused in the ‘Lab’ which is stocked with all of the resources, furniture and space that enhances and stimulates this program.

STEAM lessons focus on project based challenges that engage students in working collaboratively, developing innovation and encourage inspiration. Students are introduced to the Design Process and the Science Inquiry Process through the projects and challenges they explore. These processes guide students as they meet the needs of curriculum in the areas of Design and Digital Technologies and Science. This program also requires students to draw from the Critical and Creative Thinking and Mathematics learning areas and capabilities.

Throughout the implementation of the STEAM program, students have embraced the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge when faced with challenging problems and activities. Some of the learning opportunities that students have engaged in include creating working models to demonstrate their understanding of hydraulics and pneumatics, manipulating flight paths of rockets, designing and constructing marble runs from recycled materials and creating their own costumes and props for school concerts.

Digital Technologies and Devices

Fyans Park Primary School have a Bring Your Own Device iPad program for students in Years 5 to 6. Please refer to the BYOD iPad Guide & FAQs for further information.


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