Engagement & Wellbeing

At Fyans Park Primary School we place a strong emphasis on the engagement and wellbeing of all our students. We provide extra opportunities for students to develop their social and emotional growth. Our school mission, values and vision support this. We utilise our four core school values of respect, resilience, innovation and collaboration and each term focus on one of these values. The values are displayed in each classroom and are continually referred to throughout the school. All students complete wellbeing activities linked to the focus value for the term. These are relevant to the year levels students are in and their needs. Our school is a Primary partner with The Resilience Project and students in all grades have a targeted wellbeing hour each week with a focus on GEM (Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness).  

Each fortnight selected students from each grade are awarded a values award at our school assembly for displaying certain aspects of the school values. During lunchtime, a variety of activities operate throughout the school for children to participate in. These are run by students and staff and each day there are different activities taking place. Lunchtime activities can include Lego building, board games, mindfulness, book club and running club. These activities are developed with the students interests at the forefront. Our school is also fortunate to have a chaplain who works in the school 5 afternoons per week with students individually, in small groups as well as class based and whole school activities. Our chaplain supports students with friendship issues, loss or grief, family separation or any other issues that concern a student’s wellbeing.

Fyans Park students engagment and wellbeing.
Fyans Park students engagment and wellbeing.
Fyans Park Primary Students.

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