The Arts

The Arts program at Fyans Park Primary School is highly valued and supported by the whole school community. We offer a two-year scope and sequence that encompasses Performing, Visual, and Media Arts. The Arts program is offered to students from Foundation to Year 6 and alternates on a yearly basis.

In Year One of our two-year Arts cycle, the emphasis is on Visual and Media Arts. Aligned with the Victorian Curriculum, the program is crafted to foster critical and creative thinking, and encourage problem-solving. Students participate in a program designed to offer an enjoyable and stimulating environment, fostering the development of both fine and gross motor skills. Each student engages in activities aimed at instilling confidence, passion, creativity, imagination and individuality. They also learn the art of decision-making while experimenting with various materials, tools, and techniques. All students participate in weekly sessions that enhance their artistic processes and skills in the following areas; Drawing, painting, printing, textiles and threads, sculpture, collage, mixed media, digital art and photography utilising iPads. 

The Arts program frequently integrates with aspects of the STEAM program, where students conduct research, design, and craft works individually or in collaborative groups. Students’ visual and media creations are displayed and celebrated towards the conclusion of the year, during our Fyans Park Arts show.

During the second year of our Arts program, our instructional focus transitions to Music, Dance, and Drama. Fyans Park embraces all the aspects of the Performing Arts and promotes singing, playing instrumental music, performing, dance, drama, and creative music making. We offer a dedicated and spacious Music room equipped with class sets of instruments, including tuned and untuned percussion instruments. Additionally, students in Years 5-6 are invited to join the school choir, where they can showcase their talents at various community events throughout the year.

Students in Years 1-6 actively engage in instrumental learning, acquiring skills on keyboards, recorders, and guitars. Foundation students primarily focus on the use of percussion instruments and singing.

The Arts program at Fyans Park Primary School aims to nurture students’ innovation, creativity, skill, and confidence as artists, ensuring each student has the opportunity to appreciate and engage with the enriching aspects of the Arts curriculum. We believe in the artistic potential of all our students, celebrating, encouraging, and supporting their talents through exhibitions of their artistic endeavours within and beyond the school premises.

“Music and art are the guiding lights of the world”  –  Pablo Picasso

Students from Fyans Park painting.
Students from Fyans Park painting.
Students from Fyans Park painting.

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