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Fyans Park Primary School has run a successful debating program participating in the Barwon Junior Debating Competition for the past two decades giving Grade 6 the opportunity to participate.

The program provides students with an opportunity to develop their skills in critical thinking, reasoning and public speaking. The students on the debating team learn to articulate in a clear manner, address an audience and present a strong argument. They learn about important issues affecting our world and engage in friendly competitions with students from other schools.

Why debate?

  • Team work
  • Public speaking
  • Clear speaking skills
  • Clear listening skills
  • Research skills
  • Development and communication of personality
  • It’s fun!

Debating promotes these skills:

  • Organisation of ideas
  • Clear and effective expression of ideas
  • Ability to argue convincingly
  • Development of self confidence and team work
Fyans Park Primary Students at sports day.
Fyans Park Primary Students.
Fyans Park Primary Students.

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