The development of strong literacy skills is central to the learning and development of all students at Fyans Park Primary School, driven by our whole school goals set in our Strategic Plan and Annual Implementation Plan.

Our literacy program enables our students to be confident communicators, imaginative thinkers and informed citizens, not only in our school community but also in the global and ever changing world in which we live. Our teachers work collaboratively in Professional Learning Communities (PLCs), meeting weekly to plan and deliver differentiated learning opportunities that are grounded by research and tailored to individual needs. 

We believe in providing a comprehensive reading experience that draws on the ‘Big 6 Ideas in Reading’ (Konza, 2014) as part of a structured literacy approach:

  • Oral language – knowing and using spoken words to express knowledge, ideas and emotions
  • Phonemic awareness –which is the knowledge of sounds (phonemes)
  • Phonics – knowing the sound (phoneme) and letter (grapheme) relationships
  • Fluency – reading accurately and at an appropriate rate with expression
  • Vocabulary – understanding words in isolation and in context
  • Comprehension – making meaning from text which includes knowledge building and developing knowledge of grammar & knowledge building. 

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The Active View of Reading is a comprehensive framework that integrates recent research findings to address various aspects of reading and underpins our belief on how student’s learn to read. 


Our approach to Writing is guided by the principles of the 6+1 Traits of Writing framework, which provides a comprehensive structure for understanding and improving student writing. Through intentional instruction and meaningful experiences, we aim to empower students to become confident, expressive, and effective writers. Our spelling instruction covers essential skills and knowledge in phonics (sound – letter relationships), orthography (spelling patterns), morphology (words and their parts), etymology (word origins) and semantics (word meanings).


Assessment practices inform teachers of individual student needs and teachers work together to moderate student learning outcomes to ensure consistency in assessment and teaching practices. Individual Learning Plans are developed for students who may require additional support or extension in their learning.

Sports day, students running over hurdles.
Fyans Park Primary Students.
Fyans Park Primary Students.

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